Chodník Milana Kapustu po žile Terézia - Banská Štiavnica

Vein Terezia


The gold-silver vein is the westernmost of the main Stiavnica Veins. Probably it was the first mining vein in Banska Stiavnica. We can see it from the village Banska Bela to Windsachta in the village Stiavnicke Bane. It is about 5 kilometers long and goes from northeast to southwest. A slope of the vein is gradually changing from 70° to 90°. Its average thickness is 1-1,5m.

This vein is developed mainly in andezits, less in silica – diorite porphyrs or to their common contacts and in deeper parts of granodiorit too.

The venous filling is made by silica, often with large hematite impregnation in older associations. The upper parts of the vein contained an increased amound of gold in the past. The southern parts of the vein were rich in silver ores.

The vein comes to the surface in the castern slopes of Mount Paradajs and Tanad.

We can begin a journey of vein in the suddle Red Well where the oldest estatablished educational path begins / starts / – Educational path of Milan Kapusta through Vein Terezia. It is the oldest educational path in Slovakia.The educational path has 16 information boards. If we walk in his footsteps we will discover some place where the vein comes to the surface. One of these place indicates the coordinates.

GPS: 48.464895 18.888985