Tajchu Klinger - Banská Štiavnica

To Klinger reservoir


The descendant of the contemporary Klinger tajch was designed and built before 1760 by J. K. Hell. It was used for driving water-pumping machines of the shafts Žigmund and Ondrej (nowadays the Open-Air Mining Museum in Banská Štiavnica). The construction of the reservoir cost almost 4000 golden crowns and Hell’s first water-pillar pumping machine constructed in the Žigmund shaft saved more than 1209 golden crowns during its first three months of service.

The reservoir was rebuilt in the first third of the 19th century by taking the original reservoir apart and moving it lower. Clay was mined in Červená Studňa and transported here by wagons by a two-kilometre long railway.

In 1850 the Ministry of the Viennese Government ordered establishment of bathing pools in order to ensure “health and cleanliness of the mining folk”. Floating pool rafts with changing stands were built on the bank of Klinger. The rules for bathing were put down in the “Order of bathing in the Klinger Shaft Tajch” – women bathed in the morning, men in the afternoon.

Until this day Klinger is a popular place for swimming and bathing, even though its waters are not particularly warm due to the lack of sunshine. It can be reached by a romantic forest path from the town, a frequently visited place for walks.

Source: banskastiavnica.travel