Náučný chodník Kysihýbel - Banská Štiavnica

Educational trail Kysihýbel


The education trail Kysihýbel begins and ends in Kysihýbel. It informs the visitors about some interesting facts about nature, forestry and history. The trail starts on the road from Banská Štiavnica to Banský Studenec, near the left turn by the fence of Kysihýbel Arboretum. It passes Feistmantel garden, Skálie (picturesque andesite rock formation in a protected forest) and the earlier mentioned Arboretum Kysihýbel.

Diery (“Holes”, called also Barlangy), several centuries old underground quarry included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage List are also worth visiting. Building stone has been mined here since the 14th century. It is good to have a torch when visiting Diery.

You can also see an aqueduct in Kysihýbel. It was built in around 1870, when a narrow gauge railway from Hronská Breznica to Štiavnica (called Štyavnycká Anča) was being built. Aqueduct is considered one of the wonders of Štiavnica, as the water was flowing “uphill” here.

It is a trail of middle difficulty, 6.2 km long. The trail can be completed in 3 to 3.5 hours. Attention: Entrance to Kysihýbel by car is prohibited.

Source: banskastiavnica.travel